Runcast TV – Training Run with Sonia O’Sullivan

16 04 2010

Been having a few computer problems recently – to the point where I was tempted to just go out and but a new imac (but i didnt). Anyway had to use another computer to get this edited and it looks like the podcast may have to wait a while longer as the files are stuck on the broken computer.


Training – 18/01/10

18 01 2010

Pond Park / Brokerstown Road / Maze / Lagan Tow Path – 10.45 m – 01:51 – 10:36 pace
Finally found a sub 4 hour marathon plan to follow from the runners world web site. Should of done 7 miles yesterday but work got in the way. hadn’t intended running this far today but thought i’d make the most of my day off. I’m going to have to tinker with the plan a good bit to make it fit in with my work schedule, looks like a few more early morning runs may be the way to go. Took a few photos whilst i was out which is always a good excuse for a quick walk break – i should really think about putting my application in for the Belfast Marathon – don’t want to leave it too late.

Podcast #21

12 01 2010

Listen to this episode

Podcast 21 was posted yesterday where I talk about Iris Robinson amongst other things.

Intro / Outro Music as always was Lagan by the Afro Celts and this weeks music track was Dear God by XTC.

Happy New Year – Podcast #19 and #20

1 01 2010

Haven’t posted in a while – but still been podcasting – here are the latest 2 episodes.
Just checking buckeye and my total for the year is 854.66 miles !! – definitely going to try for 1000 this year. Time to join a few more challenges I think 🙂

19 : Listen to this episode

20 : Listen to this episode

Went for a New Years Day run at Lady Dixons Park (Start as you mean to go on)  and the weather was lovely and frosty – heres a few pics:


Runcast TV – Shaws Bridge to Lady Dixons Park

14 11 2009

Out of the loop

21 08 2009

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. We have finally moved house after a very stressfull couple of months and an extremely stressfull couple of weeks where we didn’t know whether we were moving or not.
But we finally moved last Friday and had to get all the stuff shifted in one day which seriously left me more exhausted than I was in the marathon.
My running has suffered a bit as well and i didn’t run at all last week, but the physical lifting i did made up for it a bit.
I finally managed to get a run in this morning from the new house which is only 1 minute from the Lagan, so my new 4 mile loop is much more picturesque.
Looks like I wont have internet connection for about a week so the next podcast will have to wait till then.
Just thought i’d let you all know that i’m still here.

The big day !

3 05 2009

Well it’s finally here – the marathon is tomorrow and I’m just going to bed after spending an hour looking for my shorts! I’ve decided to wear one of my cycling tops because the pockets in the back are good for carrying gels. I’m also bringing my light jacket because rain is forecast and I can always tie it round my waste if I don’t need it.
Cub camp was great fun and hasn’t left me too tired for tomorrow. The family are coming down to watch me finish but I have to be at the start line for 8.30 so they won’t see me leave. I’ve left my daughter in charge of the camera so hopefully she’ll catch me crossing the line.
I’m bringing my mobile on the run for twitter updates and maybe a few short video shots. And I’ll have my iPod for entertainment and maybe a bit of recording – better get to sleep – if you want to follow my progress on twitter the name is bobbobbins.