Change of Scenery

21 02 2010

I was at a wedding in Enniskillen over the weekend and had one of my most enjoyable runs ever – early morning round castle coole, frosty trees, found 20 quid on the path ! Then went round the rest of the town by the lakes and past the castle and up to pretora (oscar wildes school , and neil hannons) lots of fog – beautiful – and made a profit !!


Podcast #22

19 02 2010

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A recording of my first 5k race so I’m guaranteed a personal best :) . It’s a charity run for Haiti in Ormeau Park, Belfast.

Intro / Outro Music : Lagan by Afro Celts

This week’s music track by Flook

Last Weeks Runs

18 02 2010

A good week of running last week, i’ve been looking ahead on the plan and noticed that i’m due to do a half marathon race on the same weekend as the Larne half marathon so that was good timimg – it says I should be aiming for a sub 1:50 which would be a personal best so i’ll see how it goes.

14/02/2010 Moira Road / Knockmore / Tip Wallace Loop – 11.07m – 01:52 – 10:09 pace

13/02/2010 Docks / Dublin Rd / Great Victoria St Loop – 4.04m – 00:38 – 09:19 pace

11/02/2010 Docks / Ormeau Embankment Loop – 5.08m – 00:41 – 08:09 pace

10/02/2010  Docks / Ormeau Embankment Loop – 5.08m – 00:48 – 09:25 pace

09/02/2010  Civic centre / Moira Road / Knockmore / Town Loop – 7.32m – 01:07 – 09:13 pace

Last Weeks Runs

7 02 2010

Back on schedule with the runs now, only missed one 4 miler – not bad considering my brothers family were visiting this week. haven’t got round to editing the podcast yet – hopefully some time this week. PC is running a bit faster now that my brother re-installed windows so hopefully that’ll make editing a bit easier.

31/01/2010 – Run 4 Haiti 5k – 3.11m – 00:26 – 08:20 pace

02/02/2010 – Wallace / Cuts Loop – 5.18m – 00:48 – 09:14 pace

03/02/2010 –Wallace / Town / Cuts / Tip Loop – 7.3m – 01:08 – 09:18 pace

04/02/2010 –Wallace / Cuts Loop – 4.33m – 00:38 – 08:50 pace

07/02/2010 –Dunmurry / Lady Dixons – Long Loop – 8.35m – 01:20 – 09:35 pace

Run 4 Haiti

2 02 2010

My first run after taking a week off due to my fore foot running experiment was a 5k race in Ormeau Park, Belfast to raise funds for Haiti.

This was my first 5k race so I knew I was on for a personal best. The race started at 11.ooam and i’d registered on line the night before so all I had to do was pick up my number. The race was arranged at quite short notice so a lot of people were just registering on the day.

As I walked up to the start near the tennis courts I got chatting to an older runner – probably mid to late 60’s – and we suddenly heard a 10, 9, 8.. so we upped our pace thinking that we’d missed the start.

When we got there we realized it was just an aerobics instructor warming the runners up and getting people to hold different stretches for 10 seconds at a time. Glad that I hadn’t missed the start, I joined in with the stretching – first time i’d seen that at a race.

As we lined up for the start one of the organizers gave us instructions about the route over the loud haler. I couldn’t hear a word he said so I figured i’d just follow everyone else – it’s not like I was going to be in the lead or anything.

Mary Peters (Northern Ireland’s most famous sporting celebrity) started the race off, and I joined the inevitable shuffle as the field spread out a bit.

The paths were quite slippy so half the time was spent running on the muddy grass verge. As it was only a 5k I thought i’d just try and maintain a fairly fast pace for the whole thing. I didn’t want to push it too far though as this was my first run since my injury, although I did manage to lap a commonwealth gold medalist (ok it was Mary Peters, and she was walking it, and she is in her 70’s) but all in all I enjoyed my first 5k experience and finished in an acceptable 25 minutes.

I did a bit of recording for the podcast at the event as well so hopefully that’ll be up in a week or so.

Last Weeks Runs

25 01 2010

First week of training on the new runners world sub 4 hour plan.

Tried a bit of fore foot running yesterday which was interesting, and I can see the potential benefits but my calf muscles are really aching today so i’m not going to be able to go on my planned 8 miler today – think its something i’ll have to build up to gradually.

24/01/10 – Usual Lagan Loop – 4.18 – 00:42 – 10:02 pace

22/01/10 – Leisureplex / knockmore / prince william rd – 4.61m – 00:40 – 08:40 pace

21/01/10 – Wallace / Cuts / Tip Loop – 5m – 00:48 – 09:37 pace

20/01/10 – Wallace / Cuts / Lambeg Loop – 6.12 m – 00:55 – 08:59 pace

Training – 18/01/10

18 01 2010

Pond Park / Brokerstown Road / Maze / Lagan Tow Path – 10.45 m – 01:51 – 10:36 pace
Finally found a sub 4 hour marathon plan to follow from the runners world web site. Should of done 7 miles yesterday but work got in the way. hadn’t intended running this far today but thought i’d make the most of my day off. I’m going to have to tinker with the plan a good bit to make it fit in with my work schedule, looks like a few more early morning runs may be the way to go. Took a few photos whilst i was out which is always a good excuse for a quick walk break – i should really think about putting my application in for the Belfast Marathon – don’t want to leave it too late.