Ok, i’m back – honestly

30 01 2011

After a couple of false starts i’m now back in to proper training mode. The podcast has been on ice for a while but there are 2 episodes in the can that didn’t get released during last summer so I might try and get them posted up soon and start a new run of podcasts soonish. It’s pointless me trying to stick to a schedule so they’ll be posted whenever but just thought i’d post to let you know i’m still here.


World Wide Festival of Races

10 10 2010

I’m back !

After a couple of months off, I thought the WWFOR would be a good way to kick off my training again.

The main reason I haven’t been running is that my hips were quite sore after dancing with my 10 year old son on my shoulders at a party at the start of September. I’m definitely getting too old for that type of reckless behaviour.

Any way, it really did set me back and I wanted to feel fully recovered before kicking off my training again. So I went for the kick the couch 5k which I did in 29:45. It was one of my usual local routes – not an organised race – but it made me realise what i’ve been missing this last few months.

I’m planning to do the Belfast Marathon again in May with my friends Oliver and Adrian so its time to get the weekly mileage up again if  i’m going to push that 4 hr mark.

Anyway well done to everyone who took part in the WWFOR this weekend and its good to be back

Lagan Runner Podcast #23

27 04 2010

At last podcast #23 is up which is mainly a recording of an event organised by Concern in conversation with Sonia O’Sullivan.

I’ve been having a lot of tech problems recently – the main one being that my main computer with all my audio stuff on has died so i’ve had to use my wife’s netbook.

Anyway, I was glad to get this podcast up at last. Part 2 should follow later in the week.

Listen to this episode

Hi again

9 04 2010

Wow, can’t believe its been over a month since my last post.  The marathon is only 3 weeks away now and I have my longest training run – 22 miles –  this weekend.

I was a bit under the weather for most of March and my mileage suffered a bit but I still managed to do most of my long runs. I’m feeling much better now and am getting my motivation going again.

Tonight I went to a talk by famous Irish runner Sonia O’Sullivan, as part of Concern’s events for runners who are raising funds for them. They were kind enough to let me record it so hopefully I will get it out as a podcast in the next couple of weeks.

Last Weeks Runs

25 01 2010

First week of training on the new runners world sub 4 hour plan.

Tried a bit of fore foot running yesterday which was interesting, and I can see the potential benefits but my calf muscles are really aching today so i’m not going to be able to go on my planned 8 miler today – think its something i’ll have to build up to gradually.

24/01/10 – Usual Lagan Loop – 4.18 – 00:42 – 10:02 pace

22/01/10 – Leisureplex / knockmore / prince william rd – 4.61m – 00:40 – 08:40 pace

21/01/10 – Wallace / Cuts / Tip Loop – 5m – 00:48 – 09:37 pace

20/01/10 – Wallace / Cuts / Lambeg Loop – 6.12 m – 00:55 – 08:59 pace

Out of the loop

21 08 2009

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. We have finally moved house after a very stressfull couple of months and an extremely stressfull couple of weeks where we didn’t know whether we were moving or not.
But we finally moved last Friday and had to get all the stuff shifted in one day which seriously left me more exhausted than I was in the marathon.
My running has suffered a bit as well and i didn’t run at all last week, but the physical lifting i did made up for it a bit.
I finally managed to get a run in this morning from the new house which is only 1 minute from the Lagan, so my new 4 mile loop is much more picturesque.
Looks like I wont have internet connection for about a week so the next podcast will have to wait till then.
Just thought i’d let you all know that i’m still here.

Running with the kids

12 01 2009


My daughter has been looking around new schools at the minute as she is in her last year in Primary School. So I had to move my Friday run to Saturday morning plus my wife was going to work so I had to do the run at 7.00 am. It was actually quite nice being out that early and I might try and get a few more early morning runs in. 

Sundays’ 6 miler was fine after the warm up stage of the run. The Guardian and Observer had fitness guides this weekend which had some useful tips for running. I realised that I should do my stretches at the end of the run and have a more dynamic warm up. I’m really going to have a think about stretching – i’d love to take a yoga class, which i’ve done before but its fitting it in thats the problem.

Tonight I went for a quick run with my 8 year old son which was great fun – we only did about 1.3 miles around the civic centre (above)  but he handled it fine and even wanted to push a bit harder so that he got out of breath. So it looks like I might be doing a few short runs with the kids – I think a few gentle runs will be good for me as well. If things go well we might even do the Lisburn 5k together in the summer.

I also registered at Runcast TV so expect a video up here sometime over the next couple of weeks.


Summary: Jan 10th
Activity Type: Street Running
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 00:34:21
Distance: 3.70 mi

Summary: Jan 11th
Activity Type: Street Running
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 00:56:49
Distance: 6.34 mi