Lagan Runner Podcast #24

2 05 2010

Here is the second part of the Concern interview with Sonia O’Sullivan.

It’s now less than 24 hours till the marathon and i’m hoping to tweet my progress so if you want to follow me you can do @bobbobbins

I’ve decided to join the 4 hour pace group so hopefully i’ll beat last years time, even if I don’t crack the 4 hours.

it’s still not too late to sponsor me at

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Lagan Runner Podcast #23

27 04 2010

At last podcast #23 is up which is mainly a recording of an event organised by Concern in conversation with Sonia O’Sullivan.

I’ve been having a lot of tech problems recently – the main one being that my main computer with all my audio stuff on has died so i’ve had to use my wife’s netbook.

Anyway, I was glad to get this podcast up at last. Part 2 should follow later in the week.

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Podcast #22

19 02 2010

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A recording of my first 5k race so I’m guaranteed a personal best :) . It’s a charity run for Haiti in Ormeau Park, Belfast.

Intro / Outro Music : Lagan by Afro Celts

This week’s music track by Flook

Podcast #21

12 01 2010

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Podcast 21 was posted yesterday where I talk about Iris Robinson amongst other things.

Intro / Outro Music as always was Lagan by the Afro Celts and this weeks music track was Dear God by XTC.

Happy New Year – Podcast #19 and #20

1 01 2010

Haven’t posted in a while – but still been podcasting – here are the latest 2 episodes.
Just checking buckeye and my total for the year is 854.66 miles !! – definitely going to try for 1000 this year. Time to join a few more challenges I think 🙂

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Went for a New Years Day run at Lady Dixons Park (Start as you mean to go on)  and the weather was lovely and frosty – heres a few pics:


Podcast #18

2 11 2009

A New podcast recorded on a very rainy Sunday along the Lagan from Lambeg to Lady Dixons Park.

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World Wide Festival Of Races

13 10 2009

Great run for my first WWFOR half marathon which I did with Darren Houston, a fellow member of Runcast.TV.

Great running weather 13 degrees, a gently cooling breeze and lots of autumnal colours to look at. We did the route of the Lisburn half marathon which usually takes place in June, we were both familiar with the route so luckily there were no wrong turns.

I hadn’t been able to find an organised race this weekend but then 2 days ago i noticed that a giants causeway race was taking place this weekend, but by then it was too late (and expensive) to register. But it was good to do the run with Darren who I hadn’t met before, and we shared a common interest in certain podcasts – 4 feet running, phedippidations and sceptics guide to the universe to name a few.

Darren and I run at a similar pace and we finished the run comfortably in just over 2 hours. Darren has done a few ultra marathons so i’m sure 13.1 wasn’t much of a stretch. It was good to have a real running partner than a virtual running partner for a change and we’re both looking forward to doing it again some time.

Well done to everyone else who took part in the WWFOR this weekend. looking forward to hearing all the race reports. Click this link for a mini podcast race report –  Listen to this episode

Heres a video from the day.