Its been a while.

1 07 2010

Haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I haven’t had a computer. But my daughters lap top has now been fixed so hopefully i’ll start posting more regularly and maybe get another podcast posted up – but i think my subscription at podbean may have expired so i’ll have to check that out.

I’m still out running 2 or 3 times a week but summer is always a busy time for me with the show which can be quite exhausting so i’m not getting in as many miles as i’d like. I’m going to the Isle of Man at the end of July for a show so i’m looking forward to doing a bit of running there.

Just realised that I didn’t even post a race report for the marathon here – I did one on Daily Mile so I’ll post date a post here with that on I think. I wonder if there is a way I can get Daily Mile to update posts here directly ?

I had a bad weekend technology wise with my phone and i-pod touch packing in at the same time ! Some people would see that as a sign to go out and buy the new i-phone but i’m skint so i’m currently using an old pink phone of my daughters and went out and spent £25 on a second hand i-pod shuffle to listen to podcasts on, which I quite like actually.

Cant afford to get the touch fixed at the moment as the price of getting it fixed is nearly the same as getting a new one so i might wait and see if they bring a new one out that has some of the functions of the new i-phone.

Anyway, that’ll do for now.


Podcast #15

30 06 2009

Finally got podcast 15 up a couple of days ago. Haven’t had much time at the moment, but i’m off for a couple of days so i’ll maybe get the next episode recorded.
Did 5 miles tonight – can’t believe what a good summer we’ve been having, but apparently its meant to rain tomorrow.
Did 9 miles on Sunday with my son riding ahead of me on the bike (which has given me a few ideas for runcast tv with the camera attached to his bike), we also went swimming and I got 30 lengths in and both the kids did over 20! With the summer holidays just started it’s good to get them out while I can.
We also got a wii fit the other day which we’ve all been using – it seems a bit random – with no structured routines but maybe that comes later, it’s good fun any way.

Riding the river

16 06 2009

Podcast 14 was posted a few days back which was recorded during one of my last runs before the Lisburn half marathon. I took the camera out as well to do a few shots for runcast tv, which I’ll hopefully get posted up tomorrow.
I ran one of the routes I use to do when I satrted running last summer around the Blaris road past the Maze prison, which is now a derelict site awaiting redevelopment. There were plans to build a national sports stadium on the site but Belfast won that privilege, so the site remains in limbo while the powers that be decide on a fitting use for it.
I also went for a run last night and for a bit of company I persuaded my son to join me on his bike, we only went out for a short run / ride as I’m meant to be doing a bit of a taper this week. As we started out the weather was glorious but 2 miles in it became increasingly obvious that we were going to get wet, and sure enough the rain came and we had to rush to the under pass on the Prince William Road for shelter. After about 5 minutes there was no let up in the rain and my son was learning a bit too much from the graffiti so we decided to head for home. It was so heavy that all we could do was laugh about it and by the time we got home we were soaked to the skin.
I had an early start this morning, but the benefit of an early start is that you get an early finish so I’ve decided to take it easy and ride along the tow path for a change. I’ve stopped at the lock keepers cottages which were converted in to a cafe a couple of years ago. It’s a brilliant place to stop when your out for a run or a ride. The thing I like about it though is that it’s about half a mile from the nearest car park or road – so anyone who makes it here has had to put a bit of effort in to get here. So as a result you get a lot of walkers, runners and cyclists – my type of people, and I had a lovely chat with a couple of old blokes on expensive racing bikes as I pulled up – how great to be retired and just be able to go out and ride for as long as you want and stop at lovely cafes for cakes and tea.
Better carry on with my ride now, there’s gardening to be done.

Easing my way back in

23 05 2009

Well it’s a couple of weeks after the marathon now and I’m gradually building up to proper training this week. I only fitted a couple of runs in so far but with the Lisburn half marathon in less than a month I need to start getting more miles in so I may do 4 miles today and maybe 7 tomorrow.
I’m also thinking about doing some other type of training – my mother in law has a wii fit which I don’t think she’s using at the moment so I might see if I can buy it off her.
I’m writing this in dunmurry skate park while my son learns to skate board – we only found out that this place existed a few weeks ago and this is our first trip here. Not quite on the same scale as vans skate park in Orlando but it’s good to see someone making an effort to bring this type of thing to Northern Ireland.

The big day !

3 05 2009

Well it’s finally here – the marathon is tomorrow and I’m just going to bed after spending an hour looking for my shorts! I’ve decided to wear one of my cycling tops because the pockets in the back are good for carrying gels. I’m also bringing my light jacket because rain is forecast and I can always tie it round my waste if I don’t need it.
Cub camp was great fun and hasn’t left me too tired for tomorrow. The family are coming down to watch me finish but I have to be at the start line for 8.30 so they won’t see me leave. I’ve left my daughter in charge of the camera so hopefully she’ll catch me crossing the line.
I’m bringing my mobile on the run for twitter updates and maybe a few short video shots. And I’ll have my iPod for entertainment and maybe a bit of recording – better get to sleep – if you want to follow my progress on twitter the name is bobbobbins.

Still Here

19 04 2009

Haven’t been very good at updating the blog this week. I’ve had some long shifts at work and i’ve been trying to sort stuff out to do with our move, but i’m still keeping the training up.
Having said that I missed one run in the week because of work and I had to cut last weeks long run in Portrush down to 5 miles when i’d intended to do twice that.
I didn’t complete last nights Fartlek session either because my knees started to hurt a bit.
Oh well, hopefully this week will be better. I’m going to try and get a long run in on Monday night and try and record another podcast (forgot my mic in Portrush)

Still in Florida

4 04 2009

Well I’m still in Florida but I’ve managed to get all my runs in – it’s nice being able to cool down In the pool after a run, and I think the heat has been good for my sore calf.
It’s the big one tomorrow – 20 miles! The plan is to get up early and travel to a running trail. On my previous long runs I seem to slow right down after 15 miles so it will be interesting to see how I cope with 20.
After this run the long runs get shorter on the run up to the marathon which is only about 3 or 4 weeks away now.
We’re in the middle of selling our house at the moment and got an offer in the first week! So on top of the training over the next few weeks I’m going to be boxing stuff up and chucking out a load of junk that we don’t want to bring to the new house – busy times ahead, but it will all be worth it in the end.