World Wide Festival of Races

10 10 2010

I’m back !

After a couple of months off, I thought the WWFOR would be a good way to kick off my training again.

The main reason I haven’t been running is that my hips were quite sore after dancing with my 10 year old son on my shoulders at a party at the start of September. I’m definitely getting too old for that type of reckless behaviour.

Any way, it really did set me back and I wanted to feel fully recovered before kicking off my training again. So I went for the kick the couch 5k which I did in 29:45. It was one of my usual local routes – not an organised race – but it made me realise what i’ve been missing this last few months.

I’m planning to do the Belfast Marathon again in May with my friends Oliver and Adrian so its time to get the weekly mileage up again if  i’m going to push that 4 hr mark.

Anyway well done to everyone who took part in the WWFOR this weekend and its good to be back




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