Podcast #15

30 06 2009

Finally got podcast 15 up a couple of days ago. Haven’t had much time at the moment, but i’m off for a couple of days so i’ll maybe get the next episode recorded.
Did 5 miles tonight – can’t believe what a good summer we’ve been having, but apparently its meant to rain tomorrow.
Did 9 miles on Sunday with my son riding ahead of me on the bike (which has given me a few ideas for runcast tv with the camera attached to his bike), we also went swimming and I got 30 lengths in and both the kids did over 20! With the summer holidays just started it’s good to get them out while I can.
We also got a wii fit the other day which we’ve all been using – it seems a bit random – with no structured routines but maybe that comes later, it’s good fun any way.


Lisburn Half Marathon

21 06 2009

I completed the Lisburn Half Marathon on Wednesday – for the full race report check the podcast which should be up in the next couple of days. I had a great race and finished in 1:52:55 which I was really pleased with as I was only aiming for a time under 2 hours.
My last half marathon was 26 years ago when I was 12 so I was pleased to improve on my previous personal best of 2:06.
Here are a couple of videos for runcast tv, one from my last training run before the half marathon and one from the half marathon.

Riding the river

16 06 2009

Podcast 14 was posted a few days back which was recorded during one of my last runs before the Lisburn half marathon. I took the camera out as well to do a few shots for runcast tv, which I’ll hopefully get posted up tomorrow.
I ran one of the routes I use to do when I satrted running last summer around the Blaris road past the Maze prison, which is now a derelict site awaiting redevelopment. There were plans to build a national sports stadium on the site but Belfast won that privilege, so the site remains in limbo while the powers that be decide on a fitting use for it.
I also went for a run last night and for a bit of company I persuaded my son to join me on his bike, we only went out for a short run / ride as I’m meant to be doing a bit of a taper this week. As we started out the weather was glorious but 2 miles in it became increasingly obvious that we were going to get wet, and sure enough the rain came and we had to rush to the under pass on the Prince William Road for shelter. After about 5 minutes there was no let up in the rain and my son was learning a bit too much from the graffiti so we decided to head for home. It was so heavy that all we could do was laugh about it and by the time we got home we were soaked to the skin.
I had an early start this morning, but the benefit of an early start is that you get an early finish so I’ve decided to take it easy and ride along the tow path for a change. I’ve stopped at the lock keepers cottages which were converted in to a cafe a couple of years ago. It’s a brilliant place to stop when your out for a run or a ride. The thing I like about it though is that it’s about half a mile from the nearest car park or road – so anyone who makes it here has had to put a bit of effort in to get here. So as a result you get a lot of walkers, runners and cyclists – my type of people, and I had a lovely chat with a couple of old blokes on expensive racing bikes as I pulled up – how great to be retired and just be able to go out and ride for as long as you want and stop at lovely cafes for cakes and tea.
Better carry on with my ride now, there’s gardening to be done.

Podcast #13

1 06 2009

Podcast number 13 is up. It was a few weeks since my last podcast so I thought it was time to get back in the habit.
I was pleased to hear that my blog and podcast were featured on Phedippidations by Steve Runner. Darren, who I know from Runcast TV sent me a message, otherwise I might of missed it because I was a few episodes behind. The episode I was featured on was about the Run Net community which was a good episode to be on, because it illustrated the things that I get out of being a member of this on line community of runners.
Having 2 jobs and a family means that I don’t have much time in my life for joining a running club so the on line running community fills this role for me. I’m not always active with regard to communication with other members of the community but I still read a lot of the blogs and listen to a lot of the podcasts (and watch runcast tv videos) which gives me a sense of belonging to a larger community of runners.
I haven’t written to Steve yet to thank him for featuring me but I will do shortly, it really gave me a boost.
Its about 2 weeks to the Lisburn half marathon now so i’m going to try and get a few more miles in this week the do a little bit of a taper next week.