Easing my way back in

23 05 2009

Well it’s a couple of weeks after the marathon now and I’m gradually building up to proper training this week. I only fitted a couple of runs in so far but with the Lisburn half marathon in less than a month I need to start getting more miles in so I may do 4 miles today and maybe 7 tomorrow.
I’m also thinking about doing some other type of training – my mother in law has a wii fit which I don’t think she’s using at the moment so I might see if I can buy it off her.
I’m writing this in dunmurry skate park while my son learns to skate board – we only found out that this place existed a few weeks ago and this is our first trip here. Not quite on the same scale as vans skate park in Orlando but it’s good to see someone making an effort to bring this type of thing to Northern Ireland.


I am a marathoner !!

12 05 2009

After 7 months of training and several ups and downs I have finally completed my first marathon !
Luckily my last few weeks since I started to taper have been injury free so on the morning of the race I was feeling great and looking forward to the run. I had to park about 20 minutes walk away from the start point but it was a good way to warm up.

I nipped in to Burger King to use the toilet before the race and it looked like quite a few other people had the same idea, but luckily I didn’t have to queue like the ladies.

I joined my appropriate section which was the over 4 and a half hours group and waited for the start. Shortly after 9 the horn blew and everybody gradually built up from a walk to a run as you got closer to the start line. I hit start on my watch as I crossed the line (just in case the chip on my number wasn’t working) and contemplated the 26.2 miles ahead of me.

Everyone seemed to be running quite fast and it was difficult not to get carried away so early on, but I had to keep reminding myself that half these people were doing the relay so they only had to do about 6 miles and could afford to go a bit faster.

I averaged 7.1 mph for most of the first half and completed 13 miles in just under 2 hours. The Belfast Marathon isn’t the flatest of courses but it was fun running in places I knew well – through East Belfast, past the George Best City Airport and up the Falls Road and West Belfast. I had 5 gels with me and they seemed to be doing the job as I felt comfortable for the majority of the race.

At about mile 18 I seemed to fall in to a group with 3 runners who were aiming for a 4 hour marathon. It was good to have some people to use as pace setters and I kept with them till about mile 22. Then at mile 23 fatigue started to kick in, don’t know if I “hit the wall” as they say, but my pace plummeted to about 3.5 mph. I knew I was going to finish, but I wasn’t going to be quite as fast as i’d anticipated.

My family were waiting for me at mile 25 which gave me a great boost for the last mile, and as I approached the final corner at Ormeau embankment I checked my watch and realised it said 4 hours 28 min. If I was going to beat 4.30 I was going to have to pick up my pace again. I found the strength from somewhere and finished in 4.29 and 23 sec.

I really enjoyed the day and the challenge of completing my first marathon, and i’m already planning my second – Dublin in October.

Podcast 12 should be up shortly – I’ve had a few problems with online storage, but it’s sorted now. A runcast tv video should be up by the weekend as well.

The big day !

3 05 2009

Well it’s finally here – the marathon is tomorrow and I’m just going to bed after spending an hour looking for my shorts! I’ve decided to wear one of my cycling tops because the pockets in the back are good for carrying gels. I’m also bringing my light jacket because rain is forecast and I can always tie it round my waste if I don’t need it.
Cub camp was great fun and hasn’t left me too tired for tomorrow. The family are coming down to watch me finish but I have to be at the start line for 8.30 so they won’t see me leave. I’ve left my daughter in charge of the camera so hopefully she’ll catch me crossing the line.
I’m bringing my mobile on the run for twitter updates and maybe a few short video shots. And I’ll have my iPod for entertainment and maybe a bit of recording – better get to sleep – if you want to follow my progress on twitter the name is bobbobbins.

Podcast #11

1 05 2009

Podcast 11 is now up. Only 3 days to the marathon !!!

I’m going to collect my race pack this lunchtime as I have a day off. I’ve also got to leave my bike in for a service, get my car taxed and go and see some of the festival of fools . The weather is horrible as well so i’ll just have to find the waterproofs.

Hopefully it will dry up for tonight as I am going camping with my son and the scouts in the Mournes. Scout camp isn’t the best preperation for a marathon but i’m not going to do anything too strenuous.

Oh well, better get on – things to do.