New Runcast TV Video

24 04 2009

I finally got round to posting the runcast tv video that I shot whilst in Orlando. Watch out for the still shot I got of some break dancers (do they still call them break dancers ?) in Universal Studios. One of those lucky shots where I caught them in mid air at exactly the right time.
Running has been going slightly better this week, another speed session tonight so hopefully that will go ok.
I’ve started the mamoth task of clearing out the garage before the move. I think that’s going to take longer than clearing out the house. Better get back to it 😦


Still Here

19 04 2009

Haven’t been very good at updating the blog this week. I’ve had some long shifts at work and i’ve been trying to sort stuff out to do with our move, but i’m still keeping the training up.
Having said that I missed one run in the week because of work and I had to cut last weeks long run in Portrush down to 5 miles when i’d intended to do twice that.
I didn’t complete last nights Fartlek session either because my knees started to hurt a bit.
Oh well, hopefully this week will be better. I’m going to try and get a long run in on Monday night and try and record another podcast (forgot my mic in Portrush)

Podcast #9

14 04 2009

Podcast number 9 is now up which covers the time I was in Florida. I’m still a bit jet lagged a week later but that’s probably because I’ve been staying up till the early hours of the morning watching crap tv.
My whole running schedule has moved forward a day because of traveling last week, but it’s worked out ok because the marathon Is on a Monday anyway.
Having said that I was meant to do my long run yesterday but didn’t get back till late after doing the show in Downpatrick and then visiting friends, so the plan is to do 10 miles today.
The thing is I’m working today in Portrush and Portstswart doing the show at 1 and 4 so I’m going to have to fit the run in between shows and run from Portrush to Portstewart. Should be quite a nice run actually as it’s along the coast, so I’m going to record a bit of the next podcast as well.
I still have a runcast tv video from Florida to post up but haven’t had chance yet, but apparently I’ve won the competition for most views of my St Patricks day video !
Can’t remember what the prize is but looking forward to getting it whatever it is.
The marathon is only a few weeks away now so I’m well in to the taper period now. Luckily I’m not down for working a shift on the day of the marathon so I’m not gong to have to use a days leave, but I am going to cub camp with my son on the weekend of the marathon – I’ll just have to resist the temptation to do anything to physical.

Still in Florida

4 04 2009

Well I’m still in Florida but I’ve managed to get all my runs in – it’s nice being able to cool down In the pool after a run, and I think the heat has been good for my sore calf.
It’s the big one tomorrow – 20 miles! The plan is to get up early and travel to a running trail. On my previous long runs I seem to slow right down after 15 miles so it will be interesting to see how I cope with 20.
After this run the long runs get shorter on the run up to the marathon which is only about 3 or 4 weeks away now.
We’re in the middle of selling our house at the moment and got an offer in the first week! So on top of the training over the next few weeks I’m going to be boxing stuff up and chucking out a load of junk that we don’t want to bring to the new house – busy times ahead, but it will all be worth it in the end.