Running in Florida

27 03 2009

I’d been on holiday in Florida for the last few days and have already done a few 5 mile runs. It’s nice running in warm weather for a change and the pool makes cooling down very pleasent.
Going for a 10 miler on sunday on one of the local trails so I’ll do another update then. And maybe record part of the next podcast.
You can also follow my progress on twitter – bobbobbins


Routes – Lagan Corridor Running Trail

21 03 2009

I’ve made a start on adding some running routes to the site. I’m starting with some of the official running trails on the Lagan, the first being The Lagan Corridor Running Trail. I ran this route a few weeks back and quite a few of the way markers were missing so I’ve plotted the route here in case other local runners want to give it a try.

Podcast #7

20 03 2009

Podcast 7 was posted this morning. The editing process is speeding up a bit now that I know what I’m doing. Phoned the podiatrist yesterday and he suggested booking an appointment with the physio for a deep tissue massage but don’t think I’ll have time before we go on holiday next week.
I think the calf and achillies pain isn’t as bad as I maybe thought it was. So I intend to keep my full miles in as per the training plan.
The 20 mile run in a couple of weeks should really give me a good indication of how I’m going to cope in the marathon.
Looking forward to running in Florida next week. I’ll probably post next weeks podcast early, and then see if there Is any way I can post when I’m in America.

St Patricks Day Video

18 03 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

17 03 2009

Happy St Patricks Day. As usual i’ll be doing my juggling show in Down County Museum which is in the old jail. Shows are at 11.00, 1.30 and 5.30. In between shows i’m going to do a quick run round the town and film some stuff for runcast tv.
I did my longest run so far on Sunday – 17.5 miles. My aerobic fitness is fine, but its my legs that seem to fail me after about 14 miles. I should probably think more about what I eat before and while i’m running as all I had with me on Sunday was a couple of jam tarts!
Achilles and calf in my right leg are still giving me a bit of concern – I need to see the podiatrist again before I go to America. I’m looking forward to the marathon but I’m thinking my favorite distance might end up being the half marathon as I am beginning to struggle with the longer distances. I took a few walking brakes on my long run and i might start to think about that as a strategy for the marathon.
Any way, better get some sleep – got to be up in 8 hours to prepare for paddys day!

My first 10k race

13 03 2009

I completed my first 10k last sunday – the between the bridges 10k. Here is the runcast tv video, just posted podcast #6 as well.

Between the bridges 10k

8 03 2009

Podcast 5 was posted on Friday – a few upload problems with podbean. Haven’t done much running this week till today because after last weeks 16 miler my right calf and achillies have been sore. So on Friday I finally went to see a podiatrist at body and sole in Belfast, he reccomended a temporary in sole to see how it works for me. So I’ve got to call him before we go to America and see if I need a more permanent solution.
This morning I did my first 10 k race – the between the bridges 10k celebrating the re opening of the west link in Belfast. I was a bit concerned about running with the slight injury but I went for a quick test run last night and everything felt ok. I took it fairly easy and finished in 53 minutes which I was happy with and means I can aim to break 50 minutes in my next 10k.
I took a few video clips for another runcast tv episode which I should have up by Tuesday and podcast 6 should be up by Thursday.