Podcast #4

28 02 2009

Podcast number 4 has just been posted – took a while editing it down as I didn’t realise I had a 30 mb limit.
Haven’t felt that I’ve had much energy this week. Going for a walk in the mournes tomorrow so it’ll be interesting to see how I do in my 16 miler on Sunday. I’ll try and get some routes put on the routes page this week.


Podcast #3

19 02 2009

I uploaded podcast number 3 – looks like Thursday is going to be my usual day for uploading – particularly while i’m doing it weekly. I might go bi-weekly after the marathon.
The run to Moira that I did on the podcast was very dark and I don’t think i’d risk it again in the evening unless I had a head light.
That was the longest run i’ve done so far – 14.5 miles in 2hr 7min. and I was wrecked at the end of it. I’ll maybe have to reduce my pace a bit on the longer runs, this was the first time that my knees ached after a run but the next day I took Ibuprofen and it was really effective.
I’ll post a direct link to the audio on the podcast page later, i’ll have to put a link to the feed at itunes on this page somewhere as well. The podcast is hosted at http://laganrunner.podbean.com

New Runcast TV Video

14 02 2009

Podcast #2

12 02 2009

Podcast #2 was posted this morning at http://www.laganrunner.podbean.com I’m still wondering where to host this blog and haven’t worked out how to transfer this template to the podbean site.

Its a 45 min Fartlek session today and seeing as I missed last weeks speed session I want to make sure I get this one in, I’m teaching a circus workshop tonight so will have to go out this lunchtime – thankfully it’s stopped raining.

I’m planning to run the route of the Lisburn Half Marathon this weekend which will hopefully give me a better idea of how my training has been going. I wonder if i’ll beat my 2hr 5min time from 1984?

Podcast #1

8 02 2009

I finally got my first podcast posted this week. I registered with podbean.com – the podcast is now up on itunes and can be found with a search for lagan runner. I was hoping to put the embedded media player on here but this wordpress template doesn’t seem to like embedded items so I may move the podcast over to the podbean site or blogger which is a pity because I quite like this template.
I’ve already recorded part of my second podcast which I hope to get up in the next few days.
I’m now about half way through my 26 week marathon training schedule and am still feeling very motivated – I think doing the podcast and blog certainly helps with the motivation.
I missed a fartlek session on Thursday because of the weather but I managed to get my 12 mile run in today, I tried a gel on my run today – not sure that it made that much difference.
I’ve registered for a 10k race on the 8th March and it’s for the re-opening of the west link, the road that runs through the middle of Belfast, it’s called the between the bridges race.

Podcast on the way

3 02 2009

Well, the good news is that the mic for my iPod finally arrived, the bad news is that the line in function doesn’t seem to be working on it so I haven’t been able to use my clip on mic. But I decided to give it a test run on last nights run anyway.
I had to hold the iPod in my hand so that the mic would be close enough to my mouth – I thought this might be quite distracting but it was easy enough. It was quite a windy night so keeping the wind noise down was a bit of a challenge but I think some sort of homemade cover should sort that out. I was quite happy with the voxie software and it uploaded to the computer by wifi seamlessly. I’ll do a bit more messing about in audacity this week and then hopefully get it posted by the weekend.
I missed my long run on Sunday but managed to get it in on Monday night anyway.