Runcast TV – Titanic Quarter Run

27 01 2009

First aid week

23 01 2009

I’ve been on a first aid course all week so I had to move a couple of runs to the evening. So on Wednesday by the time I’d let my dinner settle it was 9.00 when I got out for my run, but I’m determined to get in as many of my runs as I can. It’s been quite cold but still no snow here. I quite like the idea of running in a snowy landscape (except for the slippiness) but the frosty fields and blue skies are just as nice.
I’m still working on getting the site looking the way I want, I’ve been messing about with logos in paint shop for the last couple of days – still a few tweeks to do, and I’m still waiting for the mic I bought for the iPod on Amazon so I can give podcasting a go. I’ve been listening to podcasts since the days of ipodder lemon before you could download them on I tunes. And I’d say I listen to more podcasts than I watch tv or read newspapers, and they have been fundamental in developing my views on a variety of topics.
So I’m keen to record my own – regardless of how succesfull it is, it will be something that I will enjoy creating for my own interest, and at the very least it will be a way of archiving my thoughts for future reference.
While I’m waiting for the mic I’ve got another runcast tv video on the way.

Cold running and cold baths

18 01 2009

Well, that’s another week of running completed. Earlier in the week I did my first video for which was fun and I also stopped to take a few shots on other days. So I wasn’t really concentrating on improving my times this week, but I think that getting the miles in is the main thing. I’ve also changed the name of the blog to Lagan Runner – which I think is more fitting ( and
This morning was a 10 miler and instead of doing my usual loop around Blaris rd, which can be a bit scarey with all the cars I decided to run down the tow path on the River Lagan – don’t know why I haven’t done this before as it’s such a nice route and keeps you away from the cars. I was nearly stopped before I begun though as a tree blown down in last nights storms was blocking the route.


But after clambering over it I was soon on my way. Having worked out the route last night, i’d worked out that the bridge at Lambeg was nearly exactly 5 miles therefore making my round trip of 10 miles. There were quite a few other runners on the route – I even saw a bloke from work.  At one point a woman runner overtook me – I don’t know why she bothered because she seemed to be running at the same pace as me, maybe she wanted a race 🙂 but I was at the bridge anyway so it was time to turn back.


When I got home I decided to give the cold bath thing a try. And I think it was worth it as my legs don’t feel quite as sore now.  Next week I think i’ll add ice as well!

My First Runcast TV video !

16 01 2009

Running with the kids

12 01 2009


My daughter has been looking around new schools at the minute as she is in her last year in Primary School. So I had to move my Friday run to Saturday morning plus my wife was going to work so I had to do the run at 7.00 am. It was actually quite nice being out that early and I might try and get a few more early morning runs in. 

Sundays’ 6 miler was fine after the warm up stage of the run. The Guardian and Observer had fitness guides this weekend which had some useful tips for running. I realised that I should do my stretches at the end of the run and have a more dynamic warm up. I’m really going to have a think about stretching – i’d love to take a yoga class, which i’ve done before but its fitting it in thats the problem.

Tonight I went for a quick run with my 8 year old son which was great fun – we only did about 1.3 miles around the civic centre (above)  but he handled it fine and even wanted to push a bit harder so that he got out of breath. So it looks like I might be doing a few short runs with the kids – I think a few gentle runs will be good for me as well. If things go well we might even do the Lisburn 5k together in the summer.

I also registered at Runcast TV so expect a video up here sometime over the next couple of weeks.


Summary: Jan 10th
Activity Type: Street Running
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 00:34:21
Distance: 3.70 mi

Summary: Jan 11th
Activity Type: Street Running
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 00:56:49
Distance: 6.34 mi

Extra Miles and Smiles

8 01 2009

I’d planned to go to the gym today and use the step machine but ended up at the out to lunch festival to watch Ivan Brackenbury – one of the best comedy shows from last years Edinburgh festival. Ivan is a hospital radio dj who plays inappropriate songs for the patients – very funny.

So in order to make up for missing the cross training session I did some extra miles on the bike today. I’ve started logging my bike miles on buckeye outdoors as well as my running. I’ve also entered a couple of challenges – it’s interesting to see your training compared next to other peoples. I heard about buckeye on 4 feet running, which i’d say is my favourite running podcast. I did register for fetch everyone as well which is a uk site but I don’t think i can be bothered filling both in, so i think i’ll just stick with buckeye.

Cold Snap

7 01 2009

Winter has definitely kicked in – yesterday was the first day that i’d felt the cold in my hands and feet when i cycled in to work, maybe its time to invest in some better gloves.
Today was a short run, and i tried to up the pace a little but by about 2/3s of the way round i was aching a bit so i slowed down. I think i need to concentrate on stretching a bit more – even on the days when i’m not running.
I e-mailed a friend that had done a marathon a couple of years ago and asked if he had any tips – his time was 3.50 which i was quite impressed with but he said it took quite a lot out of him and even though he was well capable of the distance he felt that his joints and tendons had suffered, and hasn’t done a full marathon since – but he said he would consider doing another marathon if it was a biggie like the New York or something.
I think joints and tendons are more of a worry for me than other things so in addition to more stretching i might look in to supplements.